Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Top 5 things to do in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Whether you are looking for abundant sun and palm trees or some time to enjoy nature, Fort Lauderdale in South Florida is your destination. 

With its many boating canals, waterways, and its 24 miles of golden beaches, Fort Lauderdale has been nicknamed the “Venice of America¨ attracting retired vacationing families, and honeymooners and is also considered an essential retirement destination and beach town.

Being in Florida has its pros and cons for living here, but this location is a pro! There is a myriad of activities available, and today we will share the ones that allow you to experience a bit of everything that Fort Lauderdale has to offer.

Best Time to Visit Fort Lauderdale

The best time to visit Fort Lauderdale is from the winter to spring seasons. Winter is the peak tourist season because you won’t have to deal with extreme humidity and the daily temperatures are between the 70s to 80s. In spring the weather is still warm enough and it’s less crowded, letting you enjoy your stay more without feeling like it’s too crowded.

Nothing is worse than being hot, humid, and wet which is what you will have to potentially deal with during the summer. It’s the rainy season with occasional showers and thunderstorms. So you might find the pricing cheaper but you will most likely choose to spend your time in doors.

There is also the chance of hurricanes as these may occur between the months of June to November. There is no way you want to be caught in something like that if you have the option so check the weather reports in the days leading up to your trip.

Las Olas Boulevard

Las Olas

If you love taking long walks along the Fort Lauderdale beaches or want to enjoy a day relaxing in Fort Lauderdale’s beach resorts, you can visit Las Olas Boulevard, offering ten blocks of ocean views.

Las Olas Boulevard in the heart of Fort Lauderdale has sandy beaches lined with palm trees and houses boutiques, art galleries, and many brunch dining options on the waterfront promenade.

If you want to unwind and enjoy taking in the postcard views of the sea while having lunch or dinner together with friends or family, then make sure to visit Las Olas Boulevard.

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach

I have chosen this beautiful beach with a popular boardwalk promenade that stretches nearly 2.5 miles along the Atlantic Ocean coastline with oceanfront hotels and resorts as my favorite place to spend the day sunbathing. Grab a seat and do plenty of people-watching with rollerbladers, bicyclists, surfers, or just tourist visitors.

Located also directly in the middle between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, this beach is calmer than the beaches farther down south, so it is perfect to relax, and it also offers great shopping options.

Whether you want to enjoy a cold drink or get something to eat, make sure to visit one of the bars and restaurants in Las Olas. The nightlife here is very vibrant. If you are looking for some fun-filled activities, there are plenty of options to choose from, both on the water and on land. Some of the attractions to visit include the Hollywood Beach Theater, a children’s water playground at Charnow Park, and many others attractions.

La Galleria Shopping

For some people visiting Florida, shopping is a must. If you love shopping, you can spend the day with a stroll at La Galleria Mall, with over 100 stores with an impressive mix of international brands, delicious dining options, and even an onsite Florida Children’s Theatre, which showcases live performances and creative drama classes.

The mall is large, so be sure to put on some comfy footwear.

Everglades, the gateway to the Everglades

If you love nature and sightseeing, make sure to visit the Everglades National Park, the largest remaining subtropical wilderness in the United States. Because of its importance as a nature center, it was declared an International Biosphere Reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Everglades National Park

These wetlands preserve subtropical flora and abundant wildlife, including the leatherback turtle, the Florida panther, and the West Indian manatee.

Airboat tours are the best way to explore these watery grasslands and admire some of the wildlife, flora, and probably a few alligators. I have been on an airboat tour twice and have enjoyed the experience. To get a complete experience, we recommend you find a place that offers an alligator and wildlife show.

Interesting fact: The alligator became the official state reptile of Florida in 1987.

Butterfly World

Whether you love nature or want to enjoy a relaxing day, Butterfly World in Fort Lauderdale is a great option. Plan at least 4 hours to fully enjoy the experience.

As you walk through the different areas, you will find live butterflies from various places in the world. You can enjoy a close encounter with plenty of colorful butterflies in a beautiful space that includes a beautiful waterfall, roses, and exotic plants and flowers.

Interesting fact: The founder of Butterfly World, Boender, uses the profits and expertise to create the Boender Endangered Species Laboratory at the University of Florida.

Besides its up to fifty species of butterflies, Butterfly World houses a butterfly farm, a bug museum, and an aviary.

Florida Butterfly
Butterfly World

From golden sunny beaches to thousands of butterflies, Fort Lauderdale has something for everyone. Even when it’s raining, there are plenty of things you can do here.

Where to Stay in Fort Lauderdale

In Fort Lauderdale, you can find all types of accommodations to satisfy your needs. There are beachfront hotel luxury resorts and boutique properties so you can go straight to the sand and water as soon as you are able. Downtown Fort Lauderdale is more urban with the larger chain hotels closer to the tourist attractions. A lot of locals also do vacation rentals during the peak seasons so it’s always good to take a look at Airbnb if you can find a good price.

Pack your suitcases, and get your sunblock and your camera ready to create long-lasting memories.

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