Work With Us

I always want to expand my content on adventure and traveling in various countries and subjects. Just because I can’t travel doesn’t mean I can’t learn from somebody else. Look at our many guest writers for stellar examples of fellow travel writers and bloggers worldwide.

What are we looking for

These aren’t just top 5-10’s but personal experiences, special events and festivals in different cultures you have participated in, local only history, personal recommendations, etc.

Writing Requirements

Word count: We would like to have a minimum of 1300 – 1500 words (more is encouraged)

Images: Please include 2-7 original images horizontally, with no watermarks if possible.

What we can give to you: 1-3 in-text links to non-competing posts and/or links to your homepage, and 2 social media links of your choosing. Please also include a short author bio with a small headshot image of you if you like as well

How to submit

Send an email to [email protected] with the title “New Guest Writer”

Pitch us your topic idea(s), with suggested title(s) and description(s) of what would be in the article(s).

If we feel that your idea will be a good fit, we will reply back.