Glencoe, Scotland

How to Become a Lord Of Glencoe, Scotland

Who here hasn’t fallen in love with the great and beautiful country of Scotland? Not only from actually traveling there but from watching classic movies like Braveheart, Rob Roy, Netflix’s Outlaw King, and Pixar’s Brave, or most recently TV series Outlander? Even cult classics Highlander and Trainspotting make this place seem wild and interesting. It’s a great culture with a proud history of traditions and a rich heritage of clans and warriors, poets, and artists. In the highlands of Scotland, you can find breathtaking sites.

Nothing beats a Scottish accent as well in Gaelic. So when I found out about this I knew I had to do it and share it with other like-minded people, but be warned this may cause some controversy later down the line as not all our in agreement about how they operate.

A Brief History of Glencoe

Located in the west highlands, this land in the Isle of Skye is stated to have been formed from ancient volcanic eruptions. The land ownership was originally controlled by Clan Donald, a highland clan and one of the largest clans of Scottish highlanders in the country. What it’s most famously known for is a dark period in Scottish history known as the Massacre of Glencoe, which occurred during the 17th century when a branch of the larger Clan Donald, the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe, was killed by government forces when refusing to pledge loyalty to the English monarchy. Even with this bad part of history, the scenic qualities of the deep valley and mountains make this an ideal tourist destination.

It’s regarded by many as the home of Scottish mountaineering. Hikers and mountain climbers particularly make their way here for the adrenaline challenge of this mountainous area. The National Trust for Scotland now owns most of this area as the estate was sold off by the clan. The main village is its namesake Glencoe Village and occupies a small part of the glen. You have nearby Fort William for outdoor activities or the Glencoe Mountain resort for skiing and snowboarding. Perfect to add to anyone’s Scotland itinerary.

Because of its prime location and climate, it has been used numerous times in the entertainment industry with Hollywood favorites Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and the James Bond film Skyfall.

How to Become a Lord of Glencoe

I found out about Highland Titles and buying land in Scotland while traveling through on my holiday in Scotland tour with my trip advisor and I think it’s a great program and fun gag gift if you want to surprise your family and friends. This is in part similar to if you were to become an ordained priest by applying online. Owning a souvenir piece of Scottish land gives you the title of Lord, Laird, or Lady but that won’t make you part of the Scotland aristocracy. There are certain requirements to meet to become recognized nobility by the UK and Scottish governments.

These include marrying a person with the current title and inheriting the Lord or Lady hereditary through the family, receiving an appointment to the House of Lords, or purchasing the “Lord of Manor” titles of nobility for the UK and “Baron” titles of nobility for Scotland. Some of these start at £100,000 minimum.

Why buy a title to become a Lord?

This is not the same as going through official channels and needing to pay endless amounts of pounds or file triple duplicate paperwork with the home office. It’s a little less serious as this is supposed to be enjoyable buying a plot of land. Its main purpose is to help conserve and restore beautiful Scottish land and turn these pristine acres into nature reserves. You also have the added benefit of feeling just a little bit closer to this country. They do this by selling tiny plots of land to individuals from all over the world.

Not only does this allow anyone to own a little piece of Scotland, but if anyone was considering purchasing the land as a whole for construction of say high-rise apartment buildings or sales venues or any other uses, they would need to contact and buy back from every single individual.

Lord of Glencoe

You can purchase between 1 sq ft, 10 sq ft, and 100 sq ft of the conserved land. A smaller purchase will place you in Glencoe Wood while the larger one will find you in the recently purchased Kilnaish. You’ll receive your noble parchment certificate with a sealed crest including a land deed giving you the precise GPS coordinates to the land you just purchased. It doesn’t seem like much but by selling land in these increments they can sell to more people. If you decide to make a trip to Scotland on your travels, you can stop by and take an afternoon on the land you own. You’re even allowed to place a marker stating this is your land.

Dress to Impress as a Lord

You can also find additional accessories on the website or at its location and give yourself the full Scottish makeover.

Tartan scarves, sashes, stoles, and even a kilt are sold in the colors of the Glencoe preserve (Red, Black, Blue, & Yellow). Tartan is a patterned cloth of Scottish origin. It consists of stripes of horizontal and vertical band colors to designate a distinctive clan. It was specially designed by local designers to keep with tradition. Show off that Scottish pride! Keep in touch with the large online community of your fellow lords and ladies from all over the world. They even have an annual meet-up event for those who want to stop by on their way through Scotland.

Fun fact: If you want to take this even further you can legally have your new title made official with your bank and credit cards by getting a master titles deed. It’s a legal document that shows you want to change your name. Like changing from Miss to Mrs. it shows your right to take a new title.

Lord of Glencoe

Keep it Green in Scotland

Glencoe Landscape

Now, there continues to be controversy that everything they do here does not aim to be eco-friendly and socially conservative to help preserve all Scotland has it offer. There have been disagreements over this company along with government-authorized organizations and departments that focus on Scottish Heritage and Scottish landscape preservation. Scottish locals do feel like this company does not wholly support them or the country and that the company is more for international tourists and Scotland lovers outside of the country. It’s up to each person to decide whether or not to support them by going along and purchasing a piece.

But regardless of this when passing through the owned area, you will see its beautiful Scottish Highlands. You will love the greenery that is just about everywhere in this country. The Scottish mountains are breathtaking, you have the woodlands and great coastline. It filled me with such content and will probably do so for you too. The quiet countryside and cool weather make this such an ideal place.

You can not beat a scenic drive through Scotland, even as part of just a day tour. They do help to keep the wildlife abundant in its natural habitats and work on “rewilding”. This is where they bring an area back to its more natural state. You’ll be looking forward to picking this as your next travel destination.

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