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Why You Should Visit The Coastal Town Of Redcar, UK

Redcar is a quiet seaside town that has 8 miles of award-winning beaches that stretch the whole length of the seafront. Steeped in history you will always find something to do in Redcar.

When people think about visiting the UK they usually only focus on the tourist attractive major cities like London, Edinburgh, or the Lake District. But to see a real hidden gem of the island you should consider visiting Redcar on the northeast coast.

When we arrived you could easily catch the smell of the sea air which was a nice reminder that we were on the northeast coast. And although the weather wasn’t the best, we got a warm welcome from the locals.

What Is Redcar Famous For?

Redcar racecourse
Photo Credit: John Mitchell

The racecourse in the town is a flat ground 80-acre race that is steeped in history and was first developed in the 1800s. It attracts people from far and wide across the countryside and is more than just a horse racing venue.

On Saturdays, the ground is transformed into a car boot sale where people from the region gather to sell off their various items.

Also during the summer months, the racecourse plays host to the Circus, and Funfair, and holds regular family fun days.

Is Redcar Worth Visiting?

Redcar Town
Photo Credit: John Mitchell

I believe this is the perfect destination for those who wish to come and have a traditional seaside holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. With this place being situated between some major cities and this provides a great opportunity for people to come and use the area as a base to commute.

How To Get To Redcar?

Two easy-to-access rail stations are situated on the northeastern line. Redcar Central and Redcar East.

We took a train to Redcar Central as this is the main station that is in the heart of the town. Once you leave the station you just follow the footpath along West Dyke Road as this leads you into the popular shopping area.

To get to the seafront and beach you simply head through the shopping area and you will arrive at the esplanade and promenade.

Train services run from Darlington on an hourly timetable, trains to Darlington are available country-wide.

What Should I Do In Redcar If I Only Have One Day?

Zetland Life Boat Museum

You will want to visit the Zetland old lifeboat museum situated on the seafront. It houses the oldest lifeboat in the United Kingdom and has an amazing display of tails from beyond the years.

Kirkleatham Museum

Sticking with history, the Kirkleatham Museum is the local heritage museum. It’s a fantastic occasion to take the family. Every quarter the museum changes its display and always puts on a fabulous tour.

The museum focuses on maritime, social, and industrial history of the area and has held many workshops for locals to attend, It also displayed many artifacts, including dinosaur fossils, Titanic wreckage, retro toy collections, and much more.

There are also plentiful grounds and trails to walk around the museum. Kirkleatham is a must-see destination when visiting.

The Regent Cinema

Redcar housed one of the oldest original picture houses until very recently. But due to the building decaying it was demolished and in its place a new state-of-the-art 3-screen complex has been erected.

The cinema is run by the Merlin group and offers film viewing, theatre, ballet, and stand-up. Situated on the seafront you can take in the fantastic views and have a lovely walk along the beach after your entertainment.

Redcar’s Golden Sands and Seaside Fun

Redcar Arcade
Photo Credit: John Mitchell

The crown jewel of the coastal town is undoubtedly its vast golden beach. Stretching for over 8 miles, this sandy haven offers something for everyone. Build sandcastles with the kids, chase the waves with your surfboard, or simply lose yourself in a good book as the tide rolls in.

A Walk Through Redcar History

Redcar’s heritage extends beyond the museums. Well known as a fishing village and salt mining town, you can still see many throwbacks to years gone by. A walk along the main streets in town will show you that some of the features are still dated back to the Victorian era.

Redcars Culinary Delights and Nightlife Buzz

Redcar Lemon Top
Photo Credit: John Mitchell

The culinary scene is far from a one-note affair. Redcar offers fresh seafood at the various fish and chip restaurants, savor traditional Yorkshire treats at several local cafes, or spice up your palate with global flavors at vibrant street food stalls at the town market.

As the sun sets, the area transforms into a lively hub. Live music spills from pubs with friendly atmospheres, while chic cocktail bars offer sophisticated delights. If you’re still up for late fun you can dance the night away at one of the trendy nightclubs.

Redcar As A Starting Point

Redcar’s location makes it the perfect base for exploring the North East’s hidden gems. Take a day trip to the enchanting Saltburn-by-the-Sea, with its Victorian grandeur and clifftop walks. Hike through the rugged North York Moors National Park, or delve into the history of Whitby Abbey, where Bram Stoker found inspiration for Dracula.

Redcar Amusement Arcades And Ice Cream Parlours

Redcar’s seafront bursts with classic seaside fun, where twinkling lights of amusement arcades beckon with flashing joysticks and booming prize machines. Laughter spills from within as air hockey pucks ping and claw machines grapple for plushies.

Just steps away, ice cream parlors tempt with the local delicacy, lemon tops! A creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream with a generous dollop of lemon sorbet on the top. The only thing that can make this better is a flake, so I had that too!

Final Words

Visiting Redcar for the day can be an amazing experience but visiting it for a little longer will have
you falling in love with the place. If you are stressed and living in a high-traffic, busy city then maybe a dose of Redcar is just what you require, I did!

Whether you are looking for a slower-paced holiday or want something a little more thrilling, Redcar is the place for you. Affordable, beautiful, and friendly Redcar is a hidden gem, so get in there quickly before the word gets out!

This article originally appeared on The World Overload. Featured Photo Credit: Unsplash

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