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The Top 3 Sydney, Australia Day Trips

Millions of visitors choose Australia as their favorite vacation destination for several reasons. One reason is that the giant continent is one of the most isolated nations in the world and is a true panoramic beauty. There is a list of places to be and visit in Australia and Sydney tops the list. You have the Sydney opera house, royal botanic garden, scenic harbors, and so many others. Throw that in with its signature country towns, breathtaking beaches and coastline, and national parks. It’s just a dream come true.

Throughout this article, we will talk about some of the Sydney Day Trips you can take highlighting the beauty of the Blue Mountains, wonders of Hunter Valley, and the serenity of beaches in Port Stephens.

Blue Mountain Day Trip from Sydney

?This scenic landmark can be introduced as one of the most visited sites in Sydney and is located just 100km away towards the west of Sydney. It will around one and a half hours for a visitor to reach there. The Blue Mountains boast about the wonderful nature of Australia and is rich with rock paintings, sparkling waterfalls, and hiking trails which covers about 140km.

Blue Mountain Australia

How to go there?

There are many travel options if you want to go there. If you are planning to have a visit with your family, then go there by car. If you are a little bit of an adventure person and want to blend with the local life of Australia, then the best option is traveling by bus. Not only that you can always seek the guidance of a professional tour guide. There are many hidden gems in the Blue Mountains that can only be experienced with the help of a tour guide. So, it is recommended to get the service of a tour guide to gain the true experience of Blue Mountains Day Trip from Sydney.

What to do?

The Three sisters, an ancient rock formation is the major natural attraction of Blue Mountains and usually a good starting point. If it is so the most popular among visitors is the four-combo ride consists of the cable car, railway, walkway, and cable way. The overlooking Katoomba Scenic Railway is the steepest in the world so make sure you aren’t afraid of heights. Apart from that, the Jenolan Caves will be a worthy trip for stronger hearts and the Bushwalk starting from the Laura picnic area will give amazing views.

You can a bike tour along the many trails along the mountain, go apple picking at one of the family fun orchards, even go mountain climbing along the canyons. Any of these is an additional fun way to spend your time here.

Once you’re done hiking through the mountains you can stop off at the little scenic towns that surround the area. The towns of Leura, Blackheath, and Katoomba are all good choices. They have great boutique shops, street art displays, cafes, everything you need to really enjoy the atmosphere.

Hunter Valley Day Trip from Sydney

If you are a foodie and want to visit Sydney, then go on a Hunter Valley Wine Tasting Day TripHunter Valley is one of the oldest wine regions in Australia located just 230km away towards the North of Sydney. Both foreigners and local tourists visit Hunter Valley in the summer to gain true experience.

Hunter Valley

How to go there?

The best way to reach Hunter Valley is by driving. That is the most recommended option for travelers willing to go there. There are public transportation facilities as well but will be a waste of time since there are not any direct ways from Sydney. So if you travel by car, take the M1 Pacific Motor Way. Whatever it is the time, effort, and money-saving option is to hire a tour guide. Even in Hunter Valley, you are not allowed to drive after having drinks. Therefore, if you are planning to taste the Hunter valley special wine, our advice is to hire a tour guide.

What to do?

The best wineries in Australia are at the Hunter Valley and there are about 150 wine shops and you can taste your favorite wine whether it is red, white, or sparkle. Hunter Valley is not only famous for Wine but homemade cheese, delicious chocolates, and amazing restaurants. Cooking classes are also offered here where you can really enjoy the fresh farm ingredients and have specialized menu options just for your taste buds.

There are 2 superb national parks in the area, the Barrington Tops and Wollemi to either work up or work off your appetite for the day. You’ll be trekking through rain forest areas, exploring the bushland paths, and possibly even kayak through the trepid waters.

You can also visit Hunter Gardens with it’s multiple picturesque themed botanic gardens and lakeside feature while also exploring the little town. Or go on a scenic Balloon Ride to see the open ended fields and maybe even a hopping bunch of kangaroos.

Port Stephens Day Trip from Sydney

If you are an adventure seeker, the “Dolphin Capital” must be there in your bucket list. It is located just 200km away towards the North of Sydney and it will take around two-and-a-half-hour drive to go on Port Stephen Day tripPort Stephen is much larger than Sydney harbor but equally wonderful as it is.

How to go there?

The best way to reach Port Stephen is the motor car. And as mentioned earlier, if you want to mix with the life of locals, the bus is the best way. We recommend you hire a tour guide because it would be tiring to go there on your own.

What to do?

You can go for Dolphin watching and get engaged in adventurous activities like beach dune tours and signa shipwreck tours. Sandboard safaris, tasting beer, and wine at Murray are also among the activities to do there.

This is just a small part of things you can do in Sydney. So why not consider Sydney Day Trips as your next vacation plan to have an experience of a lifetime which you cannot gain outside Australia.

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