Krabi, Thailand

The Best Time To Visit Krabi, Thailand: A Seasonal Guide

Krabi is one of Thailand’s most beautiful regions and is a must-visit destination should you find yourself in the country. From beaches to cliff-top temples, Krabi has something for every traveler, whether they prefer natural beauty or cultural gems. The province is well-known for having a huge mix of beach activities and sightseeing opportunities while Krabi Town comes to life at night with one of the world’s most famous night-time markets. Krabi’s location makes it the perfect starting point for island hopping to the famous Phi Phi Islands and others or even spending a day or two in Phuket.

An opportunity to visit Krabi should not be missed, no matter the time of year. But, there are seasons and months of the year that make for a more enjoyable and unforgettable trip. Each season has its pros and cons, like most places, and choosing which season would be best for you to visit will depend on what activities you plan to carry out in Krabi.

Dry Season (December-March)

Krabi, Thailand
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If you didn’t know already, Thailand is among many Southeast Asian countries that experience just two seasons – dry and wet. Visiting Krabi in the dry season will guarantee you cooler temperatures and a lot less rainfall. The season is preferable for those travelers who can’t quite stand the heat or want to do lots of sports while away, to prevent heat exhaustion.

Temperatures in the dry season in Krabi average around 23°C in January, rising considerably towards the end of the dry season. The season runs from December to March with temperatures being coolest in January and rainfall being at its minimum in March.

If you are set in wanting to avoid the hottest time of the year then definitely opt to visit towards the start of the year. You’ll get the best of both worlds, little rain but still pretty warm temperatures.

One disadvantage is that you’ll likely find Krabi to be very crowded during this period. While it may seem odd, Thailand is most popular in most other region’s winter months (due to having a reverse weather system). Solo travelers or couples without kids will likely be the most common type of visitor to the area, whereas the wet season will have more families due to school holidays. This popularity is why solo travelers should consider this time of year for Krabi- to meet other like-minded people. There are endless reasons to travel to Thailand solo.

What To Wear

Light layers of clothing are recommended in the dry season to visit Krabi. While not overly warm, you can still break a sweat lying on the beach or walking far distances so it is better to dress light with an additional layer with you in case you need it.

Avoid any clothing that may make you too hot or itchy and try to cover your limbs if you’re taking part in activities near bodies of water or in jungle areas to prevent bug bites.

What To Do

The dry season is the perfect time to visit Krabi as all activities are on the table, which is why so many backpackers love coming to Thailand at this time of year. There is nothing that you can’t do in the dry season in Krabi and there are plenty of attractions to visit and things to do which will suit every kind of traveler.

You could opt to swim at some of Krabi’s most infamous beaches or partake in rock climbing. Another popular activity would be to take a dip at some of the region’s hot springs, the perfect location for relaxation.

This Is The Best Time To Visit For

Those looking to meet new people. The dry season draws in the highest number of travelers, from all over the world and so is the perfect time to visit if you’re looking to socialize.

Hostels are typically packed during the dry season with budget travelers all in search of new experiences. If you’d prefer a private stay and still want to meet people then you definitely can!

Guided tours are one of the best places to meet people. They’ll speak the same language as you and you know you’ll have something in common – a love for travel and sports. You could also meet people at the infamous Krabi night market.

The Krabi Town night market is always bustling with life in the evenings – particularly in the dry season, with stalls selling everything you could think of. The market is extremely popular with travelers and so is the perfect place to meet a new friend.

Wet Season (May-October)

Krabi, Thailand
Photo: Josh Band


Temperatures for the wet season can vary greatly. May typically has an average temperature of around 30°C and there is a fluctuating decrease, reaching around 26°C daily in October. If you couldn’t already tell, Thailand never really gets cold. That’s why most Thailand group tours run all year round! The country has a very consistently warm climate, it is the rain or lack thereof that should inform decisions about when to visit.

The wet season is, as the name would suggest, wet. The rainfall totals can be very, very high with heavy showers regularly. The showers tend to be short but frequent and they can have you soaked to your skin in just a few short minutes.

Because of the amount and high probability of rain, the wet season does tend to be a lot quieter in Krabi. So if you don’t mind the rain then at least you’ll be avoiding the crowds.

What To Wear

It can be hard to decide what to pack to wear in Krabi during the wet season. While you may be most concerned about the rain, it is still very hot and you’ll be unlikely to stick wearing a coat.

One of the most popular ideas is to take a reusable poncho with you when visiting in the wet season. That way, you can be dry but not uncomfortably hot.

Appropriate and breathable footwear is important when visiting at this time of year. While it is hot, sandals might not be the best idea as no one wants to walk barefoot through puddles. Bring some light, breathable footwear that will dry easily after showers.

In terms of clothes, you’ll need to pack similarly to the dry season. Light and airy fabrics are best, nothing too thick which could take a long time to dry. Flowy trousers and T-shirts are great options to allow you sun protection and good airflow to cool you.

What To Do

The wet season is a better time of year to explore the jungle and national parks in the Krabi region. The humidity makes for a serene environment and the experience of walking through a steaming jungle is just incredible.

One of the best activities to do in the wet season is hiking. While it may sound miserable to walk in the rain, the weather allows for an unforgettable experience and a bit of relief during a sweaty climb. One of the most popular hikes in the Krabi region is the Tiger Cave Temple, up 1200 steps. The views from the top are well worth the effort and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to do the climb.

This Is The Best Time To Visit For

Saving money. Visiting Krabi in the wet season is one of the easiest ways of saving money. With fewer crowds and more availability of accommodation and activities, prices will be far reduced in comparison to the dry season.

If you’re a budget traveler and don’t mind a bit of rain then deciding to visit in the wet season can be one of the biggest money-savers. You’ll likely have to have more flexibility in your itinerary to deal with tour rescheduling if the weather is overly bad, but the saving is very much worth it.

Best Time To Visit Krabi: FAQs

Which month is best for Krabi?

The best month to visit Krabi is any time between December and March – with March providing some of the best weather. The weather is dry, the ocean is calm and everywhere is open for business. There are plenty of opportunities for beach activities and outdoor adventures during the dry season.

What is the rainy season in Krabi?

The rainy season in Krabi typically occurs between May and October. The rainfall totals skyrocket over the summer months and there are repeated showers every day. The rainfall can be very heavy and there are high chances of storms, but the showers don’t usually last very long – you’ll be dry before you know it! The possibility of rain does however affect the availability of outdoor activities and tours so make sure your itinerary can allow some flexibility for rescheduling.

What is the hottest month in Krabi, Thailand?

The hottest month of the year in Krabi is usually April, temperatures can reach beyond 32°C daily. It is highly recommended that you always carry water with you if visiting during the hottest month as you can easily become dehydrated. Take precautions against the heat and stay inside during the hottest times of the day.

Final Thoughts: Best Time To Visit Krabi

Visiting Krabi at any time of year promises a great experience. Both the wet and dry seasons have their pros and cons and choosing which season to visit will depend on what activities you prefer.

If you’re a stickler for a beach holiday and love to relax in the sand then opting for the dry season is a no-brainer. The season is also the most popular with other travelers allowing you the chance to meet new people and socialize.

The wet season is great for sporty travelers or those who aren’t afraid to get a little bit wet. The quieter wet season is much cheaper so opting for this time of year is great for travelers on a tighter budget. While there may be a higher chance of activity reschedules and cancellations, the opportunity to visit the Krabi region in the wet season has its perks, such as offering great jungle and hiking experiences.

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