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India Road Trip from Mumbai to Pune

There is no denying the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has modified our world and has been continuing longer than any of us could imagine. As life begins to start again with this new normal, travel, specifically domestic, will look very different from how it used to be.

So, because the roads have opened, all I desire now is to be back on them and sense the experience of freedom that we have been missing for so long.  If you’re additionally keen on taking a scenic journey on the road this article has locations every passerby of India should check out.

If you are planning a trip after the pandemic, you’re probably not the only one. if your preference is not to risk it and you have a love of cars and road trips then take a rental car for the most comfortable and pandemic conscious journey.

When you’re rolling up the miles, choosing out the right vehicle will keep you fresh and alert both while driving and once you reach your destination.  It will make this kind of travel experience more enjoyable.

Mumbai to Pune Expressway

Mumbai Expressway

Pune is the most beautiful city in India where you can dream with your eyes open. The most stunning and non-violent region in India, it also has one of the most well-known routes for sightseeing.

A fun and cozy avenue journey starts off in the city of Mumbai and ends 3 hours later at Pune. The Mumbai to Pune Expressway is the most effective designated highway path used.  It is regularly utilized by the locals. It is also the shortest and fastest direction, subsequently utilized by all travelers and nearby commuters alike.

Through this driving route, the Mumbai to Pune distance is only 150 KM.  This makes it a nice time to go off the beaten path and explore the Mumbai to Pune landscape.  A trip from Mumbai to Pune by car is certainly one of the most popular ways to travel between these two cities if you don’t feel like taking a bus or taxi.

It’s fairly easy to get a nice vehicle on the expressway for the most comfortable road trip. This interesting experience will introduce you to the hustle-bustle and razzle-dazzle of two of the most glamorous towns of western India. There are plenty of remarkable restaurants and Dhabas that will contend with your meal’s cravings.

Popular places along the way

Aga Khan Palace

The Aga Khan Palace is the most beautiful building in Pune, India. This is one of the foremost historic and luxurious structures within the country.

It was constructed by way of sultan Muhammed shah Aga khan III within 12 months during 1892. Also called the Gandhi National Museum, this had been a correctional home for the Swadeshi who fought for India’s independence. When you go to Pune it is a must have stop to visit this beautiful and historical place of significance

Aga Khan Palace

Okayama Friendship Garden

Okayama Friendship garden is essentially the best and most beautiful garden I have ever seen so far. This garden was found on the road to Pune. This garden magically unfolds over 10 acres of breathtaking untainted land.

You will find the beautiful atmosphere very peaceful even though it is situated within the city.  This tourist attraction is a must visit for any nature lover. Very clean, well maintained, and natural beauty. You enter several worlds. One of the best gardens in Pune in my opinion and a good add on for any itinerary.

Okayama Friendship Garden

Pawna Lake Camping

Lake camping is one of the best outdoor adventure activities you could do along with your partner and family while traveling. Tenting offers you that much wanted civilization break from the hustle and bustle of city existence.  Pawna Lakes tenting offers you plenty of much needed relaxation. Its open space provides plenty of personal reflection time if you just want to take a second for meditation.

Pawna Lake Camping
Captured by Pawna Camp

The pandemic has put all of our lives on hold but it is still good to plan ahead.  Knowing what you want to do and where while traveling as soon as we are able definitely helps to relieve the boredom and lets our imagination wander, until we are able to freely go back out into the world.

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