Ubud, Bali

8 Best places to visit in Ubud, Bali

If you are in Bali for the first time, you will most likely be surprised at how big the Indonesian island is. As a tropical paradise, there are so many amazing places to go and so many interesting things to do that it’s often difficult to choose what your travel itinerary should be. If you are staying in Ubud, feel free to choose the activities that are located on this part of the island.

Bali Forest

Ubud is located in the mountainous part of Bali and is completely different from the business bustle of Kuta or Seminyak. Considered the cultural capital of the island, Ubud is full of colorful art galleries, charming museums, and beautiful temples. In the center of the city is the delightful Royal Palace, while all the cultural attractions of Ubud and Bali are located along the breathtaking valleys and terraces with green rice fields. This area is also known for its gourmet food: healthy eaters will find many cafes in the city serving vegetarian and vegan dishes, and expensive restaurants with first-class cuisine are located in the resort areas and hotels in Bali.

Best Time to Visit Ubud

Like most parts of Asia, there is going to be a dry and wet season. And that weather is going to help you decide which of these places is going to be the best experience for you.

The dry season is from April to October. It will be sunnier and less humid. Perfect for the outdoor activities which Bali is really known for. You will get those panoramic views you see from numerous travel influencers. But that also means expect bigger crowds of tourists along with an increase in prices.

November to March is when you will experience the wet season. If you don’t mind being partially wet during your stay, you can find the prices more budget-friendly. The rain and shower storms might limit you to being in outdoors for a prolonged period, but this is a good opportunity to focus on the museums or indoor spas available.

Champuan Ridge

If you want to explore the surroundings of Ubud and enjoy the local scenery, go to the Champuan Hiking Trail, located near the city. The trail leads through lush hills with a beautiful view overlooking the valley. The route starts right from the Gunung Lebah Temple. Walk to the very end of the beaten path – it will take you about an hour, and then return along the same path back. The main thing is to calculate the time so that you return before it gets dark.

Champuan Ridge

If you want to take pictures of these beautiful natural landscapes without people, come early in the morning. At sunset, a lot of tourists and locals gather here, so it is more difficult to take such pictures. But in the afternoon, it is nice and cool on the trail. The trail was built specifically to allow tourists and locals alike to enjoy the pristine natural beauty of Ubud’s countryside.


Ubud is known as the arts center of Balinese culture. This is mainly the reason why it has recently turned from a little-known city into a popular tourist destination. One of the best places to visit is the Puri Lukisan Museum, known as the “Art Palace” of Ubud. Opened in 1954, it was the first private museum in Bali. The museum displays paintings, sculptures, and carvings, reflecting the beauty of the island, and the culture and manner of the locals.

Neka Museum

The Neka Museum is another interesting place to visit. This museum contains perhaps the most valuable art collection in Bali. The museum showcases many contemporary pieces created by local craftsmen or by those who have been on the island for some time. There are many other art museums and galleries also containing interesting pieces of art. Various exhibitions are organized throughout the year, both inside and outside museums and galleries. They showcase the beauty and charm of the island so well that it must be seen with one’s own eyes to be understood and appreciated.

Monkey Forest

When asked what to see in Ubud, perhaps its most famous attraction, the Monkey Forest, immediately comes to mind. It consists of three temples from the XIV century, located in a naturally protected area, which has now become a government-recognized protected area. As the name suggests, this complex is full of cute primates. Frankly speaking, there are a lot of monkeys on the island, and they are also in other places, but the monkey forest is a whole park with many ancient textured temple buildings. It is breathtaking to walk here as if in a magical forest, and freely roaming monkeys add a special touch to this.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Monkeys are considered here as sacred animals that guard the temples. In the park, you can buy bananas to feed the monkeys. But you should be careful and keep an eye on your belongings: these animals love to snatch sunglasses and other small items from visitors.

By the way, at sunset, ritual services are held here with whole processions of Balinese in traditional attire. Experiencing the ceremonies firsthand is an additional plus to your Bali trip. Therefore, visit the Sacred Monkey Forest in the evening to plunge into the local culture with your mind open.

Bali swings

Want to get the best shots for your social media profile? Then head to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in the north of Ubud, where the famous swing is located. At first glance, it may seem that the swing in the jungle in Bali is ordinary bait for tourists. But in reality, this is an unusual, fascinating attraction and a favorite thing to do in Bali. The spirit is captivating!

There are such swings in Bali in several places. If you do not want to take risks, but at the same time dream of collecting a few hundred likes, the Swing in the Jungle is what you need. The highest of them rises to 78 meters above the ground, so you will find a storm of emotions.

Bali Swing

If you’re a girl and you want to get atmospheric romantic swing shots, wear a dress with a long flowing hem. Don’t forget about the shorts, though – they will come in handy when the light, voluminous hem begins to scatter in the wind in all directions for that picturesque shot! You can take a break after an extreme photo session in a cafe in the park – the food there is very tasty.

Rice terraces

A popular attraction in Ubud is the rice terraces at Tegallalang. They were created using an irrigation system called “subak”, which forms a stepped landscape of rice fields. Tegallalang terraces are located on the outskirts of Ubud. On the walking tour, you can walk along the terraces and learn how rice is grown and harvested. Go down the small path to the stream and then up to the opposite side of the terraces. You will be met by a peasant along the way: take some cool coconut water from him, buy a traditional wicker hat, or take a photo with his props for a small fee.

Rice Terraces

It is better to go to Tegallalang in the morning or late in the evening when the heat subsides, and at the end of the tour, you can look into the nearby souvenir shops. For many tourists, a trip to the rice terraces is the highlight of their trip to Bali. Take your camera and go there as soon as possible!

Ubud market

Memories of your stay in Ubud will stay with you for as long as possible if you buy a souvenir that conveys the local flavor. To do this, it is best to go to the local market because it is there that various interesting things are collected.

The Ubud market is made up of several different markets that change each other throughout the day. It is somewhat reminiscent of the filming location of the film “Eat Pray Love” with Julia Roberts in the title role. In the mornings, fruits and vegetables are sold at the market, and in the evenings, you can find works of art and folk-art items here, which are bought as souvenirs. By evening, quite a lot of people gather at the market, so if you don’t want to miscalculate the price, it’s better to arrive as early as possible.

Take care of yourself: go to yoga or a spa

Ubud without yoga is unimaginable. There are many yoga centers and yoga retreats in resorts and spas where you can come not even for a day or two, but, for example, for almost a month! If you feel like it’s time for you to stop for a second of relaxation and reflect on what’s going on in your life, then Ubud is the place for you.

Yoga Pose

In Ubud, as well as throughout Bali, there are many spas and massage parlors from the cheapest ($5 per procedure) to the most expensive (from $50).

Tegenungan waterfall

In addition to its famous beaches, Bali is famous for its varied natural scenery that stretches far along the hills of Ubud. Tegenungan Falls is located next to Ubud and is considered one of the most attractive natural attractions. The tranquil waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation and a tropical forest atmosphere.

Tegenungan Waterfall

If you climb to the very top of the waterfall, you will be able to study it closer, and it is safe. When the water level is high enough, you can dive down a ten-meter cliff into the cool water of the spring. This has to be one of the more popular places you can just cool off and relax.

Where to Stay in Ubud

While you’re here, this is the time to treat yourself. Instead of a basic hotel room, upgrade to a private villa such as Villa Luna or Villa Lush. Or Airbnb guesthouses surrounded by the lush greenery or overlooking the rice fields. The wellness retreats will help in providing accommodations as part of the overall package. They will focus more on your relaxation and centering your energy.

And of course, since this is a great haven for digital nomads and permanent travelers, you will find plenty of hostels to fit your budget plans. Check out Pillow Inn and Shiva House. If you’re flying solo, meet other like-minded individuals to explore the village with.

This is just a small sample of the best areas to stay in Ubud. All are going to be unique stays with great experiences so don’t feel the pressure of having to pick the perfect spot.

This list of amazing things to do in Bali, of course, is not complete and is just a taste of what you can experience. After all, there are many other interesting places on the Island of the Gods you can find here. And most importantly, nothing compares to this adventurous and special spirit!

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