Fun Activities in France: Drive a Ferrari Down The Coast of Nice

Nothing beats driving a fast supercar down the French coast with the top down. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing through your hair. Its a picture-perfect moment you will always remember. Doing this in another country is just an added bonus and a must do if you ever have the opportunity. Driving a Ferrari makes it the trifecta. And you can do this thanks to Liven Up – Ferrari Driving Experience.

Where the road starts in Nice

You can take the opportunity to drive an amazing Ferrari F458 or a F430 through the Promenade des Anglais. This is a stretch of promenade along the Mediterranean in Nice, France. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country right there at your fingertips. You’re also less than a half-hour from the Monte Carlo in Monanco. If you want to end your night playing the tables in a James Bond-type situation this is the place to be.

My tour guide recommended this activity and you should add it to your Nice travel itinerary. You can choose the 15 min, 30 min, or 1 hour options. Since there was a group of us we all agreed to do a 15-minute session each. Everyone had a fair turn during our free time in the itinerary.  Both Ferraris were brought and let me tell you they looked great, almost brand new.

Driving Ferrari in France
Photo Credit: Nicholas Rosen

What you’ll need to do to Drive in France

It takes some time to fill out the necessary paperwork when all you want to do is hurry up and start speeding down the coast. But it is important to know that since you are in a foreign country it’s best to follow the rules to the letter so you don’t cause some kind of international incident. You will need a valid driver’s license. The tours are only conducted in English and French so you may need someone to help with the translation if necessary.  Don’t worry about the insurance costs, it’s included in the price of the entire activity.

Ferrari Driver or passenger?

Now you have a choice to make and it can affect the entire experience. Do you want to either be the passenger or the driver?  Either one you choose the driver will be staying with you.  It’s ok to be nervous driving in another country if you haven’t done it before, especially with so much horsepower. You might be worried for a number of reasons. Signs in another language may be hard to follow. And not to mention the local traffic. You aren’t on your own racetack.  It might be better to be in the passenger seat if you want to focus on the beach scenery or taking Instagram worthy photos for all the friends and family back home.

I chose to drive as it was the first time in my life I had a chance to drive a Ferrari. I was given a quick tutorial on driving stick. But I was still a little rusty and you can hear that in the gears. I was not a speed demon pretending to be my own version of Vin Diesel. I think you will find it much more enjoyable like I did when you decide to take a leisurely drive down the promenade.

Driving Ferrari in France
Photo Credit: Nicholas Rosen

This is a fun side adventure while traveling off the beaten path of France. There are many hidden gems of France for you to discover and this is just one of them. You can set this up for a party, anniversary, business trip, or just another check off your bucket list.

Driving a Ferrari is a great story to tell your friends when you get back home.

This article originally appeared on The World Overload. Featured Photo Credit: Unsplash

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