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13 Best Things to Do in Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York

Welcome to Greenpoint, Brooklyn—a neighborhood where old-world charm meets modern flair. This hidden gem in New York City is a paradise for foodies, a haven for vintage shoppers, and a dream for city explorers.

From delightful brunch spots to vibrant streets lined with unique shops and a lively arts scene, Greenpoint offers diverse experiences for every kind of traveler.

Our guide takes you through the top 13 activities in this eclectic area, promising discoveries and unforgettable moments. Let’s journey through one of Brooklyn’s most beloved neighborhoods and uncover all its treasures!

Visit a Trendy Coffee Shop or Cafe

Let’s start our exploration of Greenpoint with something essential: coffee! A day in this vibrant neighborhood begins best with a visit to one of its trendy coffee shops or cafes.


Maman is a cozy café in Greenpoint that feels like a step back in time. You can enjoy French and American favorites here, like tasty baked goods, soups, sandwiches, and salads.

The café’s rustic look makes it an excellent spot for a relaxing break. Plus, it’s a laptop-free zone, perfect for reading, chatting, or daydreaming. It’s a peaceful escape from the busy world outside.

Greenpoint Street Art
Photo Credit: Malcolm Johnson

We suggest instead just grabbing your coffee to go so you can start exploring the neighborhood, especially all the interesting street art, graffiti, and murals you will see as you walk by.

Get artistic at Faurschou Museum

Greenpoint Faurschou Museum
Photo Credit: Malcolm Johnson

Faurshou Museum is a creative space with tons of contemporary art. They offer their year-round collection in addition to seasonal exhibitions of rising artists from around the world.

The installations range broadly, from funky fun pieces to emotionally provoking masterpieces. The museum is lesser known, and thus the decent-sized space is easy to roam without the hassle of crowds or any time constraint.

If you want to tap into your artistic side, be sure to visit the Faurshou Museum.

Try The Donuts at The Famous Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

At Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop in Greenpoint, you’ll find some of the best donuts in New York City. This old-school Polish bakery, run by a friendly, uniformed staff, has been a neighborhood favorite for over 60 years.

They offer a variety of classic, handmade donuts like honey dip, sugar-raised, and toasted coconut, plus special cream-filled ones like cannoli cream and red velvet.

The shop is known for its affordable prices, so it’s a great spot for a sweet treat without breaking the bank. Remember to get there early to beat the lines!

Enjoy a Filling Brunch

Greenpoint is known for its fantastic brunch spots, and plenty of options exist. Here are two places you should consider:

Chez Ma Tante

For a delightful brunch experience in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Chez Ma Tante is a fantastic choice. Known for its European-inspired menu, the restaurant offers delectable dishes like pancakes, tortilla espanola, and stracciatella.

The welcoming atmosphere, white-washed brick walls, and neat bar setup create a perfect backdrop for a leisurely brunch. Paired with warm service and classic cocktails, Chez Ma Tante is a go-to spot for those looking to savor a satisfying brunch in a cozy setting.


Stowaway, located at 159 Greenpoint Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, is a charming restaurant known for its distinctive low-country cuisine. A highlight of their menu is the chicken biscuit and hog house, offering a taste of southern comfort in Greenpoint.

Open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Stowaway serves delicious food, caters to private events, and offers gift cards and online ordering. It’s a great spot to experience unique flavors and enjoy the laid-back vibe of the neighborhood.

If you need more ideas for places to brunch, we have a personal selection of the best places to brunch in Brooklyn.

Enjoy Pinball and Fresh Laundry Smell at Sunshine Laundromat & Arcade

Check out the Sunshine Laundromat for a one-of-a-kind Brooklyn experience. This laundromat combines household chores with a fun bar with pinball machines and other fun games to play. 

The vibe is the essence of Brooklyn – extremely quirky, and random, but also a memorable experience in the borough. It’s open daily until 2:00 am, making this a fun social activity for your family and friends.

Stroll through Transmitter Park

Greenpoint Transmitter Park
Photo Credit: Malcolm Johnson

Transmitter Park, a spacious 6.61-acre park in Greenpoint, is a lovely spot for a picnic. It’s been a local favorite since it opened in 2012, known for its beautiful waterfront views and lush green spaces.

The park has fishing areas, lots of space for picnicking with friends, and a children’s play area with a fun nautical theme.

There’s also a spray shower for cooling off, pretty nature gardens, and a unique pedestrian bridge. Its scenic views, open lawns, and recreational areas make it perfect for a family day out or a peaceful solo escape in the city.

Go Window Shopping

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, isn’t just about great food and picturesque parks; it’s also a haven for shoppers who love all things vintage and unique.


FENG SWAY in Greenpoint is a vibrant treasure trove for those who love vintage. Open daily from 12-7 PM, it’s a paradise for thrifting enthusiasts. The store has various unique finds, from rare vintage fashion and bohemian-style decor to beauty and wellness items.

You’ll also find exotic plants and eye-catching gifts like chainmail purses and creative pop-up greeting cards. It’s a delightful spot for anyone who appreciates the charm and character of vintage items and eclectic home decor. One of the best thrift stores in Brooklyn you can find to meet all your needs.

Elevate Your Heart Rate at Ferox Extreme

Ferox Extreme
Photo Credit: Malcolm Johnson

Ferox Extreme in Greenpoint is an adventure-filled spot to test your ninja skills. It’s a vast space over 40,000 square feet. It offers ninja warrior, parkour, and trampoline classes.

There’s something fun for everyone, no matter your age. Kids can enjoy safe obstacle courses and a climbing wall, while adults can challenge themselves with tougher obstacle courses.

After all the excitement, you can relax and refuel at the on-site café. It’s a great place for an active day full of fun and fitness.

Check out Greenpoint’s Bar Scene

Greenpoint’s nightlife sparkles with its eclectic bar scene, offering everything from expertly crafted beers to stylish cocktails. Let’s explore two standout bars in the neighborhood:


Torst in Greenpoint is a paradise for beer enthusiasts, boasting a remarkable selection that includes 21 draft beers and over 200 bottled options. This bar is celebrated for its expertly crafted beer program, offering a variety of choices to suit every taste.

Alongside their impressive beer selection, Torst also features a range of wines, spirits, and inventive cocktails. The food menu is equally impressive, focusing on high-quality, seasonally inspired bar cuisine that perfectly complements the beverage offerings.


Goldie’s offers a unique bar experience in Greenpoint, set apart from the usual scene with its stylish backyard and chic interiors. Sophistication meets a retro Vegas charm, creating a distinctive ambiance.

This bar is renowned for its creatively crafted cocktails, each blending art and flavor. The ambiance and decor at Goldie’s make it an ideal spot for those seeking a stylish and memorable night out with a twist of classic elegance.

Dance The Night Away at Warsaw

Warsaw at the Polish National House is a popular spot in Greenpoint for live music and dancing. It has a cool retro and dive bar feel, making it a unique venue for a night out. The place has seen big names like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jack White.

With a capacity of 1,000 people, it transforms into an exciting concert atmosphere by night. Since 2001, it’s been a key part of Brooklyn’s music scene, featuring various artists from punk bands to DJs. It’s the perfect place to experience the energy of Brooklyn nightlife.

Enjoy a Glamping Experience

NYC Glamping in Greenpoint offers a unique outdoor experience with a twist of city comfort. They’ve transformed shipping containers and tents into charming accommodations, all equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, WiFi, showers, and bathrooms.

Moreover, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the East River and the New York skyline. Conveniently located next to the Skyline Drive-In, you can also catch a movie in this picturesque outdoor setting (more on this next).

It’s a perfect blend of rustic charm and urban convenience for a memorable stay.

Get a slice at  Paulie Gee’s

Greenpoint Paulie Gees
Photo Credit: Malcolm Johnson

Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint is a must-visit for pizza lovers. Renowned for their original and inventive pizzas, they serve delights with perfectly blackened crusts and a mix of crispy and fluffy textures.

Favorites include the Honey Jones pizza, combining sweet honey, tangy Gorgonzola, creamy mozzarella, cherries, and prosciutto, and the Rooftop Pie, topped with crispy kale, mozzarella, and sausage.

The rustic ambiance of the restaurant, complete with a custom-built, high-heat dome oven, adds to the experience. While they don’t offer gluten-free options, vegan pizza lovers will find plenty to enjoy on their menu. It’s hands down one of the best pizza places in Brooklyn. But of course you can never really be disappointed in Brooklyn-style pizza.

Catch a Movie at Skyline Drive-In

The Skyline Drive-In in Greenpoint is more than just a place to watch movies. Opened in 2021, it offers a one-of-a-kind experience with its stunning Manhattan skyline views. The drive-in accommodates both cars and walk-ins, with special seating for those on bikes or scooters.

Its contact-less check-in adds convenience, and the sound system connects directly to your car for an immersive audio experience. There’s also a variety of snacks and drinks at the concession stand to enjoy during the movie.

Plus, the drive-in can display personalized messages on the big screen for special occasions. It’s an ideal spot for a memorable movie night under the stars.

Hop on The NYC Ferry

The NYC Ferry, especially its Brooklyn route, provides a unique and enjoyable travel experience along New York’s waterfront. It’s equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including mobile ticketing for easy access and efficient scan & go boarding.

The ferries offer comfortable conveniences like temperature-controlled refreshments, charging stations for your devices, and a range of snacks and beverages.

With its eco-friendly features, such as low-emission technology, fuel-efficient design, and affordable fares, the NYC Ferry is not just a means of transport but a way to enjoy the city’s scenic waterside attractions.

This is just one small part of what Brooklyn has to offer. And don’t forget you still have the rest of New York City to explore in the meantime. It may not seem like much but it is a cozy place to put your feet up and enjoy in one of the most popular cities in the world.

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