Rome, Italy

Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Rome, Italy

If you’re headed to Rome, where you stay can change your entire trip.

Each area has unique sights and attractions, and choosing which one best suits your needs can make your trip much easier. And it’s wise to consider if you’re looking for historical landmarks, bumping nightlife, or the best place to simply relax.

So, I’ve compiled the best neighborhoods to stay in so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest!

What to consider when picking a neighborhood in Rome

There are several factors to consider when it comes to finding the best neighborhoods in Rome.

  • Do you want to be close to the tourist attractions, or would you prefer to stay in a quieter area away from the crowds?
  • Are you interested in exploring the city’s history, or do you want to experience its nightlife?
  • Do you have a specific budget, or are you willing to splurge on boutique hotels in Rome?
  • How long will you stay in Rome? Is it a short or long trip?

By answering these questions, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect neighborhood for your stay in Rome.

Best Neighborhoods in Rome

Centro Storico

Rome Colosseum

If you’re visiting Rome to sightsee, you’re bound to spend a lot of time here.

This area is home to the city’s most famous landmarks and the best things to do in Rome — like the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Trevi Fountain. And, as a result, it’ll be where you find the biggest crowds, too.

But if that doesn’t bother you, you could easily spend an entire day in this neighborhood simply walking around its streets. But it’s not only the world-famous landmarks that will catch your attention. You can find plenty of boutique shops and family trattorias that also serve the best traditional Roman cuisine!

One of the highlight attractions in the neighborhood is Piazza Navona, a beautiful square with Baroque architecture filling it on all sides. Plus, there’s the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers in the middle, designed by Bernini. You can spend a while here on a bench enjoying the street performers, cafes, and locals going about their day.

If you want even more, check out Camp de’ Fiori, another lively square offering an outdoor market every morning. You can find fresh produce, local products, or flowers for your better half! Plus, it has some of the best pizzas in the city, with Forno Campo de’ Fiori in the area.

Overall, the Centro Storico is a must-visit neighborhood for anyone visiting Rome who wants to experience everything in Rome.


Monti is a hip neighborhood located just a short walk from the Colosseum, which makes it great for exploring the major attractions.

Known for its boutiques, shops, and food markets, this is the area if you’re looking for some excellent Roman desserts and a special shopping day.

In Monti, you can find vintage and modern fashion stores, including some independent boutiques and designer shops. Take some time to browse the handmade goods, scars, jewelry, and the more expensive fashion accessories (even if you’re just browsing!).

Rome Spanish Steps

The neighborhood also has an excellent food scene. Mercato Monti is the most popular indoor market, and you can try out a few different Italian street food specialties here. Suppli, arancini, and pizza al taglio are all worth trying out. And be sure to sip on an aperitivi and some cocktails while you people watch.

If you want a finer dining experience, Monti has several Michelin-star restaurants and wine bars. You’ll find some of the best dishes made with locally-sourced ingredients here.

If you want more culture and history, check out the Basilica di San Pietra in Vincol, which has Michelangelo’s Moses sculpture. And there’s also the Roman Forum, where you can explore some ancient ruins and look at the center of the Roman Empire.

Monti will have something for you, whether it’s fashion, food, or history.


Prati is more of an upscale neighborhood compared to others on this list.

Rome Vatican

This neighborhood has some of Rome’s best restaurants, boutiques, and parks. And if you want to be close to the Vatican, this is the place to be.

And it’s not just the restaurants and parks in Monti; even the streets are stunning. You’ll walk down tree-lined avenues with beautiful architecture surrounding you. And it’s only a short walk or public transportation ride from Centro Historico, so you get all the sights without the hustle and bustle.

But the real star of Prati is its culinary scene. The neighborhood has incredible restaurants dotting its streets, all serving up traditional Roman dishes. And you get to enjoy outdoor seating on a beautiful street, which makes it perfect for enjoying a night’s dinner while you people watch.

And if you like shopping, it’s got that, too! With a mix of high-end boutiques and independent shops, the neighborhood has tons of fashion items if you want to go home looking flyer than when you left. It’s primarily known for leather and handmade jewelry.

Be sure to stop by Piazza del Popolo and Villa Borghese while in the area. These parks give you a break from the craze of the city and have some stunning views. Bring a blanket and some snacks for a great picnic spot.

And you can’t beat Prati if you plan on visiting the Vatican.

The neighborhood is a short stroll from St. Peter’s Square, so you can easily explore the Vatican and its museums. Stop by at night for an incredibly cool look at the Square.

If you want a high-end vacation, Prati is hard to beat and will make you feel like a Kardashian.


Trastevere is it if you want a more trendy neighborhood with plenty of restaurants.

Trastevere Streets

You will love staying in Trastevere and exploring its cobbled streets, tight alleyways, and many cafes and trattorias. It’s an excellent place to discover during the day. But for the authentic experience, head there at night.

That’s when the bars and restaurants open up, and the streets come alive. Shopkeepers stand outside their shops selling various products, street markets pop up, and singers fill the alleyways with music. It’s the perfect place for dinner and then some souvenir shopping.

One of the top attractions in the area is the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, a beautiful church filled with mosaics inside.

Another must-see is the Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, a square lined with cafes and bars surrounded by historical buildings.

Overall, Trastevere provides a vibrant atmosphere that has something for everyone. Whether shopping, a night out, or simply a fantastic dinner, this neighborhood won’t disappoint.


Esquilino is a fantastic and diverse neighborhood not far from the city center.

The neighborhood mixes Italian, Chinese, and African influences throughout its shops and restaurants, giving you a fantastic multicultural vibe. And if you want outstanding international cuisine, this is where to get it.

Plus, it’s home to Basilican Santa Maria Maggiore, one of Rome’s largest churches. It’s also near Termini, Rome’s train station, which is perfect for visiting other cities or areas outside Rome.

The train system in Rome is relatively easy to navigate, and visiting another world-famous city is only a few hours’ trips away. So why not?

Typically accommodation near the center of cities is more expensive, but Esquilino offers the opposite.

You can find plenty of affordable accommodations like Airbnb here, and there’s a mix of students and professionals in the area.

Overall, Esquilino is a vibrant neighborhood that offers a taste of international diversity and culture in the heart of Rome.


If Prati is the Beauty, Testaccio is the Beast.

But that’s meant in the best way possible. That makes it a great spot to understand better what local Romans live like. And there’s nothing better than escaping a city’s touristy areas to see what it’s genuinely like.

With some of the best restaurants and markets (including Mercato Testaccio), it’s a foodie-heaven.

It’s not only a food mecca, though. It also has plenty of history.

Once a busy harbor, you’ll see it reflected in more industrial-style architecture and street art filling the streets.

If you stay in the neighborhood, you must visit the Pyramid of Cestius, a beautiful ancient Egyptian-style pyramid built in 12 BC! 

If you want to simply relax, head to one of its many parks. Monte Testaccio offers especially great views and picnic spots.

Overall, Testaccio offers a unique blend of history, modernity, and culinary delights not to be missed on a visit to Rome.


If you want some peace and quiet, Celio is perfect for you.

Located just south of the Colosseum, this neighborhood has many parks and gardens right in the city’s heart.

Plus, the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, and Baths of Caracalla aren’t far away! So you enjoy the quiet streets and small cafes without the crowds! And the area has plenty of Baroque architecture to keep you occupied for a day.

So, which Roman neighborhood will you choose?

You can’t go wrong with these neighborhoods whether you prefer culture, history, food, or nightlife.

But, most importantly, having fun on your trip is essential! No matter your place to stay, you’ll surely have an excellent time in the Eternal City.

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Until next time, enjoy planning an exciting trip!

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