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Best Time to Visit Krabi, Thailand

Best Time To Visit Krabi

Krabi is one of Thailand’s most beautiful regions and is a must-visit destination. But, there are seasons and months of the year that make for a more enjoyable and unforgettable trip.

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Dry Season (Dec-Mar)

Visiting Krabi in the dry season will guarantee you cooler temperatures and a lot less rainfall. Temperatures in the dry season in Krabi average around 23°C-35°C.

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What to Wear in Dry Season

Light layers of clothing are recommended in the dry season. Avoid any clothing that may make you too hot or itchy and try to cover your limbs to prevent bug bites.

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Wet Season (May-Oct)

May typically has an average temperature of around 30°C and there is a fluctuating decrease, reaching around 26°C daily in October. The rainfall totals can be very, very high with heavy showers regularly. The wet season does tend to be a lot quieter in Krabi.

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What to Wear in Wet Season

Light and airy fabrics are best, nothing too thick which could take a long time to dry. Take a reusable poncho with you when visiting in the wet season and wear appropriate and breathable footwear.

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Which month is best for Krabi?

Both the wet and dry seasons have their pros and cons and choosing which season to visit will depend on what activities you prefer.

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